Friday, March 6, 2009

Sauteed Pork with Mustard

4 7-oz pork loin (I have used regular bonless pork chops)
salt (to taste)
pepper (to taste)

Mustard Sauce:

2 1/2 tbsps butter
2/3 cup heavy cream
2 tbsps whole-grain mustard
2 tsps lemon juice

Pound the pork to uniform thickness, then score the fat around the pork slicing partway into the meat.
Sprinkle salt and pepper on the pork.
Pour 2 tbsp of oil into panover medium heat.
Saute' pork until golden brown on both sides, once browned turn heat to low and cook until done.
When pork is finished remove from pan and reserve.
Wipe pan with paper towels.

Put the 2 1/2 tbsps butter in pan over medium heat, Once the butter has melted add the 2/3 cup of cream. Mix the Mustard and the Lemon Juice with the cream.
Bring the sauce to a boil and cook until it slightly thickens, then place the sauteed pork back in the pan and coat it with sauce.

Serve with veg. of your choice.

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1 comment:

Amanda said...

This is delicious! My dad made this for us last weekend and it was sooo good! My husband, who does not like mustard, loved this sauce...he actually ate more than the other 3 adults combined.